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Cosmos: Art & Knowledge

What is our place in the cosmos? People have been asking themselves this question for centuries. Artists and scientists study and find inspiration in the mysterious starry skies. Little by little, they discover more about the invisible and the unknown.

In Cosmos: Art & Knowledge astronomer Ewine van Dishoeck takes you on a voyage of discovery along the moon, the planets and the stars. Come to Rijksmuseum Boerhaave and experience the fascinating world of cosmos, art and knowledge. On show are astronomically inspired artworks by Wassily Kandinsky and Eugène Brands next to historic masterpieces such as the Leiden Aratea and moonstones from the Apollo 17 mission.

In addition, the exhibition brings together the imagination of both scientists and artists. The objects cover the broad range of art and cultural history, from Roman times to the present. During the exhibition there is an extensive side program with lectures and workshops. Most lectures are in Dutch, except for October 17th. Jacco Vink will discuss supernova's, from historical impact to their present day aftermath.

Playing with Mathematics

Discover mathematics in your own everyday life: in music, health, Formula 1 racing and nature. For everyone from 8 to 88. Mathematics has never been more fun! Through 21 June 2020. Please note: This is an educational school programme and therefore the accompanying information is in Dutch. However, most of the games speak for themselves.

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