Special event: First images from the James Webb telescope

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Een half jaar na lancering is de James Webb telescoop klaar om de eerste kleurenbeelden te laten zien. Op dinsdag 12 juli zullen deze eerste foto’s van de grootste ruimtetelescoop ter wereld door NASA, ESA en CSA vrijgegeven worden tijdens een live tv-uitzending. 

Tekst gaat verder in het Engels

* There are no more seats available for this event. Please consider our public event on Friday the 15th of July as an alternative.

Six months after launch, the James Webb telescope is ready to show its first color images. On Tuesday 12 July, these first images from the world's largest space telescope will be released by NASA, ESA and CSA during a live TV broadcast. At the Rijksmuseum Boerhaave we will be commemorating this historic moment together with world-famous Leiden astronomer Ewine van Dishoeck, who will be providing her insight on the scientific highlights. 

In collaboration with Ewine and her team, we are organizing an event around the release on Tuesday 12 July to show how important the James Webb telescope is for worldwide astronomy. For us and Leiden this is extremely relevant, because Leiden scientists have made very significant contributions to its development! 

Before we watch the live broadcast, Ewine will give an introductory lecture on the James Webb space telescope and what we might expect from the images. After watching the broadcast, Ewine will comment on the images with fellow astronomer Anna de Graaff. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions. Both the broadcast and the lecture will be in English.


15:30 doors open for public

16:00 lecture by prof. dr. Ewine van Dishoeck

16:30 broadcast and release of first James Webb images

17:30 reactions and Q&A with prof. dr. Ewine van Dishoeck and Anna de Graaff 

18:00 Reception

About the speakers

Ewine van Dishoeck is professor of molecular astrophysics at Leiden University and co-principal investigator of MIRI, the mid-infrared instrument on Webb. She is also past-president of the International Astronomical Union and  an ambassador for the Rijksmuseum Boerhaave.

Anna de Graaff is part of the extragalactic JWST guaranteed programs and finishing her PhD thesis in Leiden with prof. Marijn Franx.

Practical information

When: juli 12 2022 16:00 - 18:00 uur*
 adults interested in astronomy
Where: in the museum, please register in advance below

* It is possible that NASA shows the images half an hour later, in this case the program will also start half an hour later. We will inform you in time by e-mail

No more places available

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